29 October

09:00    Welcome & setting up of the posters

09:30    Opening & welcome words

09:35    Keynote 1: Prof. Sylvie Bégin-Colin (U. Strasbourg): Engineering of magnetic-based nanoplatforms for theranostic
10:20    C1: Bryan Gosselin (ULB): Ultra-stable silver nanoparticles as promising colorimetric reporters in lateral flow immunoassays

10:40    C2: Fabrice Saintmont (UMONS): Synthetic macromolecules and nucleic acid: experimental and theoretical investigation of the structure of dendriplexes

11:00    Coffee-break and poster session

11:30    C3: Cedrik Ngnintedem (UCLouvain): Green synthesis using palm kernel oil of Fe-doped Co3O4 nanoparticles and structural characterization

11:50    C4: Antoine Honet (UNamur): Optical and magnetic response of nanosystems using a semi-empirical many-body formalism

12:10    C5: Maxime Ledent (ULiège): Single-molecule force spectroscopy on synthetic molecular rotors

12:30    Lunch break and poster session

13:35    Keynote 2: Dr Mercedes Boronat Zaragozà (U. Politécnica de Valencia): Computational modelling of heterogeneous catalysts: copper single atoms and subnanometric clusters
14:20    C6: Daniel Torres (ULB): The distribution of copper nucleation activities on a glassy carbon substrate

14:40    C7: Muluneh Abebe (UMONS): Dual-Mode Fabrics for Radiative Heat Management

15:00    Coffee-break and poster session

15:30    C8: Nathalie de la Torre (UCLouvain): Enriching active carbon with nitrogen groups: an alternative opening doors for thiosulfate leaching in gold mining

15:50    C9: Tanguy Colleu-Banse (UNamur): Simulation of surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopy: A journey to a unified method

16:10    C10: Enrico Saggionetto (ULiège): On the influence of the counter-body material on the wear rate of 316L+WC composite coatings processed by Laser Cladding

16:30    C11: Nathan Vinx (UMONS): Investigating the relationship between the mechanical properties of plasma polymer-like thin films and their glass transition temperature

17:00    Awarding of Prizes & Closing

Good to know

To be eco-friendly, we have decided not to print the book of abstracts. Registered participants will receive a pdf book with their confirmation email (expected on Oct. 25).

In order to provide the best possible reading experience on mobile devices, especially during the meeting day, you will find the abstracts of the oral and poster presentations on this page.
The idea is not that you all print the book of abstracts on your own.