The EMNS lab of the ULB is the local organizer of this meeting:

Prof. Gilles Bruylants,

Head of the EMNS lab & Porte-parole 2021 EDT-MAIN

Ms Mélanie Vander Geeten,

Secretary of the EMNS lab

For any question, please contact us by email.

Scientific Committee

Gilles Bruylants (ULB), Benoît Champagne (UNamur), Anne-Sophie Duwez (ULiège), Isabelle Huynen (UCLouvain), Philippe Leclere (UMons), Sorin Melinte (UCL), Anne Mertens (ULiège), Rony Snyders (UMons), Bao-Lian Su (UNamur), Thierry Visart de Bocarmé (ULB)

Organizing Committee

Gilles Bruylants (ULB), Philippe Leclere (UMons, NanoWal), Mélanie Vander Geeten (ULB), Thierry Visart de Bocarmé (ULB, NanoWal)