P1  Growth mechanisms of CVD diamond, Emerick Guillaume (UNamur)

P2  Discrete Palladium-Triggered Deprotection Chemistry for Prodrug Activation in Cancer Cells, Yonghua Tan (UCLouvain)

P3  Investigation into the mechanical stability of mechanophores by AFM-based single-molecule force spectroscopy, Thomas Carabin (ULiège)

P4  A comparative study of the structure and corrosion resistance of ZnAl hydrotalcite conversion layers at different Al3+/Zn2+ ratios on electrogalvanized steel, Thu Thuy Pham (UMons)

P5  The effect of Al content in sacrificial zinc coating on the inhibition efficiency of cerium(III) and molybdate salts, Thi Thao Nguyen (UMons)

P6  Simulating spectra of Jupiter’s atmosphere in ASIMUT-ALVL, Miriam Cisneros Gonzales (UCLouvain)

P7  Synthesis of a piezoelectric glass ceramic by the powder sintering route, Soufyane Satha (UMons)

P8  Studying the Mechanical Reversibility of a Click-Chemistry Linkage by AFM-Based Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy, Valentin Foidart (ULiège)

P9  Reactions of Unsaturated Acceptors: Methodology and Applications to Functionalization via Radical Pathways, Michela Marchese (UCLouvain)

P10 Development of new bimodal molecular or nanoparticle probes combining MRI and PAI functionalities, Camille Gosée (UMons)

P11 Dielectric properties of metallic nanosystems from second-principles computations, Alexandre Cloots (UCLouvain)

P12 Nanoscale Characterization of the Mechanical and Electrical Properties of a Nanodielectric: the Case Study of Silver Nanoparticles dispersed in a Poly(styrene) Matrix, Thomas De Muijlder (UMons)

P13 Plasmons in nanostructured and corrugated 2D materials, Bruno Majérus (UNamur)

P14 Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Responses of Di-8-ANEPPS Embedded in DPPC and DOPC Lipid Bilayers: Effect of the Cholesterol Content, Charlotte Bouquiaux (UNamur)

P15 Valorization of biomass-derived glycerol over acidic hafnium-doped silica nanotubes – playing with sol-gel kinetic, Loraine Soumoy (UNamur)

P16 Gallosilicate catalysts: from a sustainable synthesis toward the efficient conversion of crude glycerol, Amélie Maertens (UNamur)

P17 Theoretical investigation of the second harmonic generation X(2) tensor in crystals, François Mairesse (UNamur)
Updated on October 16, 2021